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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Why Lie ?

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Why Lie ? 

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, The point that I like to make often, which the last string of videos is a representation of, is why, in order to criticize, disparage, or refute a person, group, thought, one must lie. Surely if something is batil (falsehood), one simply has to convey the reality of the situation and the people will see it for themselves. Instead we find those who hate Salafiyyah do nothing but lie upon it, and present their lies as a “refutation”. Only uneducated types do not understand that a “refutation” is not the same as “establishing proof”, and they neither understand the difference between “evidence” and “proof” either. 

Refutations count as evidence, but they do not count as proof. Understand? For the life of me I still fail to understand the copy/pasters who post mountains of text of something they did not write(or even read themselves, in many cases) and consider even this to be a refutation. It has become the norm now with laymen wanna-be `alims, the Shaykh Google, Allama Facebook, and Mufti Twitter, Milkshaykh, Maltshaykh, closet Shaykh, Keyboard Jihadist types to just hit you with mountains of decontextualized info, often totally inaccurate info, and declare amid their childish “lol’s”, “YOU HAVE BEEN REFUTED”. 

Wallahi, today one of these misguided individuals was so oblivious to his own blindness, that in order for his takfir on me to even make sense he should have at least called me a “kafir”, but instead he called me a “mushrik”. He called me a “Salafi Mushrik”. This was the extent of his stupidity and ignorance. 

A serious deception is going on here, that people need to be made aware of if they want to safeguard their Deen. If someone wants to deter you away from something but they lie in order to do so, you should become wary. There are many Extremists types that would confuse about Islam with their speech, simply because they are counting on their audiences’ ignorance of fundamental issues within Islam. 

All of the ghulaat (extremists) are banking on Muslim and non-Muslim ignorance of Islam. Whether it’s some Khariji who doesn’t even know the definition of a Khariji or a Murji’ or a Qutubi in the first place, or some misguided youth who does not know what he is talking about when he says things like “Wahhabi” and “Madkahli”, or “Neo-Salafi” in a derogatory manner; or it’s some Modernist Muslim or Extreme Soofee type. All of the ghulaat (extremists)are banking on Muslim and non-Muslim ignorance of Islam.All of them. They all have this in common. They make this Deen appear to be something so disgusting to Muslim and non-Muslim alike, that no one could ever declare their speech to be “daw’ah” or “full of hikmah”.

I don’t know how many times I will have to say this or write this, but: 
Being able to post Arabic words, type quickly, and copy/paste mountains of text does not make you an `Alim. It doesn’t even make you seem intelligent. You just appear as if you lack the ability to formulate original thoughts. And it certainly does not make you right.

Inee Sa’imun. Inee Sa’imun.

Allahu Musta’an
Wallahu A’lam.
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